I have a built-out garage gym in Parker, Colorado. I have a ton of equipment and it is a wonderful personal space in which you can safely learn and grow stronger. I will meet with you about your goals and desires, and I truly customize our time together to what you wish to learn and accomplish. We use every minute and I WILL push you.

There is a lot of mixed information on the internet and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lack direction in your fitness journey. Sometimes you just need a few tools in your toolbox, a trained eye to spot you, and a voice of encouragement as you find your footing. I see breakthrough after breakthrough in this garage and it is just the COOLEST THING!

I understand that personal training is not realistic for everyone to maintain, whether it has to do with my location, the price tag that comes with a personal session, or the nature of our schedules. I love to work with people regularly, several times a week, but I also see massive benefits in even a few sessions. Learn technique, get fresh ideas, gain confidence and then go back to doing your own thing for a while. Come see me when you need more.