Nutrition is literally 80% of how you look and feel. We put so much focus and effort into working out, but you get your nutrition on point and everything else falls into place. Is that the most annoying thing you’ve ever heard OR WHAT. But it’s worth giving attention to! Your body is where you live, it’s your instrument; fuel it well.

I’m going to be honest, nutrition is tricky territory because there is usually a huge bag of history and emotion tied to what you eat; whether you have identified that or not. Studying nutrition and getting certified as a coach was one of the best and most informative things I have done, even just for myself, as I have always had a complicated relationship with food. (Ballet career, cue years of light eating disorders.) In a way I feel like I have done it all: I have dieted hard for a bikini competition, counted macros both lightly and aggressively, practiced flexible intuitive eating, nourished my body through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum weight loss.

I think it is important to mention the emotional side of this because nutrition is NOT a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. If we work together, there will be a lot of feedback from your end as we tweak your programs, identify your patterns, and ultimately find what is sustainable for you and your goals.

I think it is also important to note that I am considered a “nutritionist” with my certification in the state of Colorado, but I am NOT a registered dietitian, nor do I have a degree in nutrition. Because of my respect for the matter, if you do have a significant history of eating disorders, or there are any underlying health problems going on, I reserve the right to refer you to someone more qualified than I. Happy to do that.