What can you do to improve and stick to a healthy, confident lifestyle? To truly thrive in your health and fitness, and LIVE OUT the person that you imagine yourself being?


The Power of Pairs

I see the most change and adherence to lifestyle changes when people commit to exercise and nutrition changes WITH SOMEONE ELSE. A friend. A family member. I love working one on one with people, both for personal training and personalized nutrition, but I highly recommend hooking up with a buddy to make real and lasting change in your life.

Consider the perks:

You both train with me, report to me, get coached by me. But you are not alone. You are far more likely to show up and put in the work when someone else is involved; it’s just human nature. Plus, IT’S LIKE PERSONAL TRAINING AND NUTRITION COACHING BUT HALF PRICE! Heyooo.


Whether you are working with me in a pair, one on one, or have purchased one of my online programs, you can request to be a part of the Movement Go Facebook group! Community is motivating, uplifting, and FUN. Even if you’re just a lurker and you want to see what others are up to, being a part of an online community can help keep you on track to stay the course for your goals.